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The Simple DIY Website Builder Course for Missionaries to get Fully Funded

Get your simple but powerful support website up fast—minus all the headaches.
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Having a great website is one of the best ways to grow your donor base and raise more support.

Now you can get a beautiful, effective, hassle-free support website minus all the headaches!
Here’s What You Get
Easy to follow, Step-by-step Videos
Professional Design
Exclusive access to our professional templates designed just for missionaries raising support.
Keep Track of Supporters
Learn how to connect forms to Google Drive spreadsheets and the built-in, easy-to-use CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). Never lose track of a potential supporter again.
Step-by-step Videos
Watch the videos and follow-along. Setting up your site requires no technical knowledge.
Everything You Need, with Nothing More
Setup your Home page, About page, Support page, and Blog. You'll have everything you need to get fully funded without wasting time and energy on stuff you don’t need.
Content & Design Tips for Best Practices
Each template includes example content. You’ll learn more about what to say, where to say it, and how to say it so supporters understand your ministry.
Fully Funded Academy Integration
The videos and templates integrate perfectly with Fully Funded Academy. Quickly take what you’re learning in Fully Funded and add it to your support website.
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Beautifully Simple. Here's How it Works.

Raising support is hard work. Creating a beautiful website to help you do it shouldn't be.
Watch the Videos
Follow along with the video. Your learning curve just got flattened.
Enter our Template Number
Enter the custom template numbers, add your content and fast track your progress.
Connect Your Domain Name
Connect your domain name and you're all set. Wow supporters with a clear, beautiful site.
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by Robby Fowler, course creator & professional designer
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Let me help
I'm Robby Fowler. As a professional designer and branding expert for almost 20 years, I specialize in building clear, confident, inspiring brands. As a full-time pastor for 15 years, I know the challenges you feel as a missionary when it comes to websites and design.

So I got together with Mike Kim & Mary Valloni to create this unique course for missionaries raising support.

Now you can create a stunning site yourself. I’ll be with you every step of the way.
Hosting is not included in the cost of this course. Hosting comes with with Tilda—the platform powering this course and your website. The current cost for an annual plan on Tilda is $10/mo.

Regardless of where you build and host your support website, you will pay for hosting. That's true for WordPress sites, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, and other similar solutions.

Here's a brief cost comparison for hosting (note: prices may change):
  • Wix: starting at $13/mo
  • Weebly: starting at $10/mo
  • SquareSpace: starting at $12/mo
  • WordPress: pricing and quality greatly varies (WP has other costs associated with it, like paid templates, backups, etc.— plus YOU are responsible for security, maintenance, upgrades, plugins, etc.
This course is built using the Tilda platform. Your website and hosting is included with your Tilda subscription ($10/mo). While you may not be as familiar with the platform as others, it is an established, excellent solution. I’ve used them all! This is the ideal solution for your needs.

I've personally used the platform for clients for 4+ years. This website and the entire course are also running on the platform.

Tilda also has excellent ratings and debuted on Product Hunt over 4 years ago:
Domain Name
Yes, you can use your own domain name. You'll follow the steps in the video to connect your custom domain name after you've built your website.

If you do not own a custom domain name, I'll show you where to buy one and how to set it up. The cost of your new domain name will vary depending upon what address you choose (IE .com, .org, .io, .support).

For example, .com addresses cost approximately $13. I also provide a promo code for $2 off.

I always recommend buying your own domain name. While several solutions offer a “free domain name" for the first year when you sign up, the initial convenience often causes problems later.

Ideally, you want your domain name and DNS settings independent of your website solution provider. This gives you far more control and makes it easier to create landing pages, setup email, integrate other web services, and move platforms when you want in the future.
Do I Need This
Many missions organizations offer their missionaries a free 'support' page. These are often a single page, a spot for a family picture, some text, and your basic contact information.

Unfortunately, these sites are often poorly designed, don't display well on mobile, and are inflexible. They can result in lengthy, wordy pages that are difficult to read.

While free, they are inadequate to nurture and instill confidence in potential donors or supporters.

In addition, you own this website. Should you change agencies in the future, you can 'take this with you.'

And in most cases, your website design will look significantly better than the websites of most sending organizations.
Other Costs
Your purchase includes everything necessary to complete this course, including a growing list of additional tips & tricks videos.

You will also need the following items to launch your website:
  • An account with Tilda ($10/mo)
  • A custom domain name (approx $12 if you need to purchase one)

Your Tilda account includes the platform used to build and host your site. In addition, it also comes included with a simple CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and reporting, plus a number of other goodies.
Facebook Page/Group
Relying primarily or exclusively on a Facebook Group or Facebook Page to help build support and nurture donors is risky.

While it is technically 'free', you give up control and privacy. Facebook owns ALL your data. Facebook can also change the rules (or their own behavior) without notice.

Forcing supporters to have a Facebook account to engage with you is also a major drawback. (Everybody has a web browser to use your website).

The best solution is a clear, inspiring website you own! Then you can use Facebook and other social platforms to extend your reach and community. But you won't lose everything if they change the rules or close up shop tomorrow.
No, most potential supporters do not care what platform you use for your website. Why? Because they're busy with their lives just like you.

Here's what supporters DO care about on your website though:
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Does it show professionalism/build my confidence in you and your mission?
  • Can I see myself getting behind you and your mission (and being proud of it)
Your website creates a first impression—good or bad. Potential supporters are remarkably intuitive. Whatever your website looks like, they know your ongoing communication will be similar. If it's wordy or wonky, disorganized or difficult to use—they assume future correspondence will be the same.

A well-crafted website helps you raise support, a poor one works against you.
Yes you can blog on this platform. I’ll show you how to setup your blog and create blog articles. There is a video covering both. And you get a blog index template, and two blog article templates.

Plus, I’ll share some great tips on how to use your blog connected with social media!
As part of this course, you’ll be creating an account on the Tilda website platform. The good news is, you’re now their customer (not just mine).

You’ll have access to all of their help documentation and access to email/chat support from Tilda. So you’ll never have to go it alone.

In addition, Tilda frequently adds new features. These come at no extra cost to you. One example is Tilda’s built-in CRM. This is a recently added feature you’ll benefit from as part of this course.
Processing Payments
Yes, you can process payments through Stripe, PayPal and bank transfers. (Payment processing is not covered in this course. But Tilda's help documentation walks you through the process step-by-step.)

I highly recommend letting your missions organization or sending organization handle payment processing for these reasons:
  • They are setup to handle payments without issues (they likely have far more experience than you)
  • If payment problems occur, your sending agency can help solve the issue
  • They're better equipped to handle changing privacy laws in and outside the USA (SSL, GDPR, etc.)
  • Giving through your sending agency adds a layer of accountability and assurance for supporters (you're not directly handling their money)
For these reasons, your best and simplest solution is to direct supporters to the payment gateway for your sending organization. New supporters can then easily and securely setup their giving there.
The Course Comes Highly Recommended
We started Fully Funded Academy to remove the confusion and stress for missionaries trying to raise support.

A huge part of the fund raising process is your website. But building a great support website can be a major challenge for most missionaries. So we reached out to Robby Fowler for help…and he delivered.

This course rocks! We cannot recommend it enough for any missionary needing a website to help raise support AND add value to existing supporters.
—Mike Kim & Mary Valloni
Fully Funded Academy
Let’s NOT get technical.
No more hunting for WordPress themes, figuring out Wix yourself, or begging a designer for help.